• The search for alternative energy sources emerges rapidly in order to meet the energy need, which arises as a result of the constantly increasing energy need both in the world and in our country because of the insufficient available resources.
  • We must accept that we need renewable energy sources in order to prevent irreparable damage to nature as a result of the consumption of traditional fossil fuel-based energies and to protect the environment we live in.
  • It has become the most basic need of both our country and the world to give importance to green energy  in order to prevent damage to the environment, to minimize the damage, to cope with global warming and to reduce carbon emissions in nature.
  • As SOGEN SOLAR, we aim to be the solution partner of our customers with our 34 years of knowledge and experience in the energy sector, our R&D studies on Solar energy systems that we have been carrying out for 10 years, with complete, sustainable and reliable solutions that are sensitive to the needs of the renewable energy technology in the sector, providing qualified engineering services.
  • We aimed to lead  the installation of solar systems in open area, suitable structure greenhouse, residence, workplace, parking lot and industrial production facilities with our factory established on an area of ​​15,000 m² in Ankara Polatlı OSB, with also our expert engineer staff and technical team, within the scope of Engineering, Project Planning, Installation and Investment Consultancy services.
  • SOGEN SOLAR is a brand of AKIŞ SİSTEM Co.


  • You can start a short journey to discover our Mobile solar generators by viewing the video below. For more information about our mobile solar generators, you can click on this link.





  • Project administration
  • Project supervision
  • Purchasing supervision
  • Integration supervision
  • Investment analyses
  • Field development
  • Technical analysis

Project Design

    • Budget analysis
    • Investment and finance analysis
    • Credit financement
    • Relationship with financial institutions



  • Project Installation
  • Installation
  • System Integration
  • Testing and Commissioning

Our Policy

Our Quality Policy

  • It is our priority that our customers feel satisfied with the services, services and products offered by our company. Project analysis is made by our company, the necessary proposal work is made and submitted to you, the necessary documentation work and projecting are completed after the proposal approval, production & service starts after the customer’s approval. Communication with our customers is maintained until the final product or service delivery. Support and maintenance services are provided to our customers for the necessary solution against possible errors that may occur after delivery. All processes are carried out meticulously by our experienced team members.
  • It is our duty to ensure your satisfaction and add VALUE and ENERGY to your experience with our company…


Our Environment and Sustainability Policy

  • We minimize the damage our products cause to the environment during the production phase. We prefer environmentally friendly materials during production. We inform our environment and our employees about the value of the energy we produce and our environment. We raise awareness about this. We make our production facilities fully equipped for energy saving.
  • As an energy company, our most important task is to be aware of and raise awareness about renewable energy production…


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